Canadian Cheese Grand Prix: Le Mamirolle

My notes on Le Mamirolle by Fromagerie Éco Délices from Quebec read like excerpts of The Sound of Music. Seriously, that was my first thought upon revisiting them.

First taste reveals bitterness with a hint of mould, reminiscent of Captain von Trapp and his rotting, closed-off heart.

Then buttery, creamy, smooth: uh, hello, Julie Andrew’s complexion.

Hints of broccoli: Like the growth of the von Trapp children, particularly those sixteen going on seventeen.

Gives way to slight grassiness, herbs: The hiiiiiills are alive!


Feels breezy: Ditto. Also, Maria and Captain von Trapp’s courtship.

Semi-firm: Captain von Trapp’s displays of affection toward Maria.

Sweet caramel finish: A complex, satisfying ending.

Le Mamirolle is nominated in the washed- or mixed-rind semi-soft cheese category for the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix. Whether you’re enjoying it as part of a simple bread and cheese lunch in the Alps, or grated on roasted vegetables, add it to any dish that craves a creamy cheese with a bit of bite and it’ll sing like Julie Andrews.

This is the third profile of eight cheeses I tried ahead of the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix. Click here for more on the awards.


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