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Introducing: Cheese profiles!

It may seem obvious to you, but I’m finally accepting the importance of some sort of database of cheeses, their tasting notes and pairings, as well as any other relevant info about them, to a cheese blog. At least, the cheese blog I want to have, which I am slowly building, little by little.

I’ve been avoiding beginning the profiles in earnest (despite the litany of notes on my iPhone waiting to be fleshed out) because to be honest, I don’t get excited to write them. Once I’ve started, I’m on board and enjoying the process. But I can’t get jazzed enough to start them because they’re evergreen, one of my least-favourite kind of pieces to write. They’re not timely (uh, unless you never start them), there’s no hook, and worst of all, you know you need to have them, giving them a bit of extra drag factor.

While I might be more in the mood to write musings that are cheesy in nature rather than in actual practice sometimes, I recognize that I have a better chance of delivering an enjoyable product if I add an element of news you can use, so to speak, in information – while still tailored with my own personal spin and opinion – about cheeses I’ve tried.

So, this evening, in one of those moods where you aren’t attracted to doing anything (even mindless Netflixing! Gasp!), I decided to use my uninspired time for good and take a stab at a profile. I started with the one I knew I could write in my sleep, as it’s a cheese I’ve tasted countless times; one of my all-time favourites, Blue Haze. I hope you enjoy it.

I love recommendations and suggestions, too! If there’s a cheese you think I have to try, please let me know at @xCheeseTheDay or cheesetheday [at] outlook [dot] com, and I’ll write a profile on it the next time I’m virtuous enough. Thanks for reading!


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