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Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving cheese

Just prior to this past Thanksgiving, I was browsing the Dairy Goodness website (as one does), and came across the Canadian Cheese Board Contest, in which you post 10 photos of Canadian cheese on Pinterest for a chance to win $100 worth of Canadian cheese. This seemed like as good a reason as any to head to my beloved Algoma and choose blocks to build a Thanksgiving cheese board.

(Oh, you don’t do Thanksgiving cheese boards? You’re probably not doing the holiday right. What is more appropriate to give thanks for than cheese? I mean, besides family and stuff…)


I decided to go with the classics (my classics), as befits such an occasion. From left to right, let us join hands and give thanks for Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, Blue Haze, Maple Smoked (not sure where from but it’s always there when I need it), and finally, front and centre (just like in my heart), Sartori Bellavitano Balsamic.

Needless to say, my Pinterest project took a back seat almost as soon as this picture was taken, after which I sliced and diced these nuggets into golden bites. Most made it to the table.

I never did pin this picture. But if I put it toward the required total of 10 Canadian cheese photos, that would give me nine more totally valid reasons to visit my cheese haunts…


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