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Flavour of the month: Délice de Bourgogne

I mean, come on. Even the name melts in your mouth. It sounds more like a signature handbag crafted by Coco Chanel than an animal by-product (and even that description seems too harsh).

The outside feels like a typical bloomy rind cheese, with a bright white rind as soft and pliable as milkweed, and just as rewarding – because, open it up, and inside you’ll find a surprise worth savouring. But better, because unlike milkweed, the inside won’t blow away.

Delice de Bourgogne

The texture is so rich and thick-but-light, the best comparison for letting it sink into your tongue is to molasses thinning and then blurring into a steady stream of steaming water. The middle of the cheese is firmer, chalkier, more similar to typical goat cheese in texture.

The flavour notes (My immediate thoughts on taste and mouth feel, hastily scribbled into my phone’s notes):
– Milky, buttery full-fat flavour (triple-cream, much?)
– Mushroomy!
– Sharp touch of mould tang, similar to Sauvagine, but not as sharp
– More mould flavour and grain closer to the rind
– Stronger aftertaste, not as light as popular bloomy rinds like Camembert
– “Like whipped cream, but better” – Yup, that about sums up my feelings on most soft cheeses.

I’m not much of a wine expert, but this made me want to drink a crisp, sharp white wine, like a Sauv Blanc or a Gewurztraminer. (I just Googled in the expectation I had spelled it wrong, and I got it right on the first try. I feel ridiculously proud. Look mom, no dictionary!)

Ordinarily, I don’t like crackers with my cheese. To me, grains just sully the main event; it’s like swindling a renowned author into writing the assembly instructions for an air purifier. But, in this case, because some downright opulent crackers were leftover at work, I gave it a go and I have to say, the juxtaposition in texture was worth it. The strawberry was really more for decoration, though that would’ve been nice too. This one was too chemical-y and I suspect full of fish genes, so I spit it right out. Thanks for the colour though, little buddy.

All in all: One of my favourite bloomy rinds ever. 4.5/5 little decorative strawberries.

Delice de Bourgogne

I even manipulated it into a mini sundae swirl – that’s how decadent the texture was!

P.S. I just saw that my last post was April 29 – what is it about the end of the month that makes me feel compelled to write? Is it when I have to pay rent and all the lovely bills to keep my lucky little life afloat that I use this as an excellent mask for procrastination, or do I subconsciously know I will feel better going into June if I managed a post in May, even if it was only one? Probably the first one.