Cheesy musings

I licked a Boursin wrapper clean today

So, basically:



Don’t pretend you’ve never done it (or at the very least, considered it, if you were in polite company), because you’re here reading this, you dirty little cheese freak.

I just learned GIFs. Literally, just above, those are the first two GIFs I’ve ever embedded. I had to Google it. It shames me a little to admit this, because I work for a website and yet I am shockingly inept in certain areas (see above: so-popular-every-13-year-old-is-making-them, GIFs).

So, the GIF development is making me feel a bit better about the real theme of this post, which is lack of productivity. As you can see, I haven’t posted in about two months. I almost – temporarily? – became a statistic, one of those people that abandon their blogs in the first 90 days of creating them. I thought about back-dating new posts to pretend that there was no gap, but really, I’d rather just put it all out there. Maybe that makes me unwise in the blogging world, but then, I barely have my foot in the door, so let’s throw cheese to the wind.

Okay, enough of that stream of consciousness. See, this is one of the reasons I’ve had a hard time keeping up. As I mentioned before, I work for a website full-time, so I rarely feel like writing when I come home, but that’s really only part of it. The real problem is, I’m a perfectionist. I don’t want to put up a post unless it’s fully fleshed-out. It’s fine, so long as you’re still able to churn out content. But my best ideas, phrases, bits and bobs come to me in those weird, stream-of-consciousness moments when I’m half-aware of what I’m even thinking, like when I’m brushing my teeth. So I’m tempted to write that way, especially because I find it funny. This may be a lost cause.

If this were an article I was being paid for, I would have edited most of the above out. And I should behave as though I were being paid to write what goes here, so goes my reasoning, to ensure the best content possible.

But then stuff just doesn’t go up. So I’m going to try to meet somewhere in the middle, at least until I get into better habits on posting more frequently. If that means my post for the week (I’m going to aim for one a week to start small, because there’s really no excuse not to – although, compared to my current track record that’s an enormous leap. Here’s hoping you aren’t laughing at my foolhardiness like Salem up there) is about licking a Boursin wrapper clean rather than something arguably more useful, like 10 cheese that won’t melt in soup (okay, maybe not so useful – we’re going with off-the-top-of-my-head, here), then so be it.

This is all about learning, after all. And fun. And more than a smidge of cheese, even if it’s more about the metaphorical “Knowledge is power!” cheesiness than the kind you like off a wrapper.

Though that’s pretty damn good, too.