Ready to cheese the day?

And so it begins. Into the land of cheese boards, confit, wax-wrapper sculptures, and frankly, whatever the hell else I feel like.


I know this is my first post, so you aren’t yet fully familiar with my serious cheese love, nor with my aptitude for injecting both cheese-y and cheesy repartée into well-known song lyrics (like Weird Al sponsored by Saputo), but I’m capable, to say the least. If “capable” isn’t a ringing self-endorsement, I don’t know what is.

This is basically going to be all of the enthusiasm, sometimes puns and/or ridiculous wordplay and general bubbling up of my appreciation for most things in life that the wiser wordsmiths need to constantly rein in at my day job, where I also write things. Buckle up. Or perhaps more appropriately, curdle up. (?) Nope, had it right the first time.

Thanks for coming along!

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